FREE DOWNLOAD-Fall Color Treasure Box

FREE DOWNLOAD-Fall Color Treasure Box


Quick favorite family activity! First, gather your supplies, something to color in the bottom of an egg carton (we love crayola finger color paint), Q-Tips for paint brushes, a paper plate for an art palette, and a paper egg carton. We also use a “messy mat” to craft.

Add a small amount of paint to the plate. For older children, you can start with the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and after they fill individual cartons with those colors let them mix to create new ones (yellow + red= orange, blue + red=purple, yellow + blue = green).

Continue until each egg holder is a different color.

Print out the PDFS and add to the box (these are slightly smaller because I wanted to make it easy and have them to fit an 8.5x11 sheet of paper).

Then get outside! Take a walk and along the way look for colors that match the ones you painted. Fill up your container with items found on the ground.

We didn’t fill ours the first time we went out and some of our items went from one color (to the another (pink hydrangeas dried brown.)

For older children, a=have then write out the words of the treasures they found in nature. For younger children have then draw a picture. You could also use this section to fill out the date and where you found the treasure.

Happy Hunting! Please tag @minordetailcle on insta so we can share in your adventures!

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